The second round of admissions has begun at UWB. The university offers two completely new programs

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Kinanthropology and Management and Digital Technology - are the new study programs in admission process offered by UWB. Additionally, six faculties – Applied Sciences, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Philosophy, Education, and Mechanical Engineering – opened second rounds of admission process.

A new professional study program, which the University of West Bohemia has just launched in the Karlovy Vary Region, is Management and Digital Technology. It was prepared by the Faculty of Economics (FEK) in collaboration with the German university OTH Amberg-Weiden, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The program will be taught in English. "This is a truly unique study program that connects education with business and modern technologies. Students will gain practical skills that will help them start a successful career in an international environment," explained FEK Dean Michaela Krechovská. Applications can be submitted until August 9th.

"We are also opening the second round of admissions in Cheb for the Business Economics and Management study program in the full-time form. In Pilsen, we are still offering available places in the programs Economic and Regional Geography and Information Management," she added. Applications for these programs can be submitted until the end of July.

The second newly launched professional program, Kinanthropology – Wellness Specialist, responds to the demand for experts in the field of well-being and traditional spa disciplines. It will be taught by the Faculty of Education (FPE) directly in Karlovy Vary. "Graduates will be able to advise everyone on how to develop to achieve harmony in relation to a healthy lifestyle," said FPE Dean Pavel Mentlík.

"Students will prepare in basic biomedical disciplines such as anatomy and physiology and gain knowledge in human movement sciences," added Petr Valach, head of the Center for Physical Education and Sports. The Faculty of Education is also opening the second round of admissions for nine study programs taught in Pilsen. Applicants can apply to FPE until mid-August.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FST) was the first to open the second round of admissions for all its existing programs. It attracts applicants to Mechanical Engineering, Machining and Additive Technologies, or Industrial Engineering and Management. "All our students are practically hired by companies even before they finish their studies. I would like to encourage those who are still hesitating to apply not to be afraid and to apply in the second round. Even the feared subjects like mathematics or physics can be managed if one dedicates time to them, and we also have a functioning system of assistance for beginning students from their more experienced colleagues," explained FST Dean Vladimír Duchek. Applicants can apply until August 5th.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAV) is still offering ten bachelor's programs. The deadline for submitting applications for the second round is August 15th. "At FAV, we nurture a wide range of fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, computer science, biomedicine, mechanics, nuclear energy technologies, nanomaterials, GIS systems, construction, and many others. The demand for graduates of these technical and scientific fields is consistently very intense. I would like to call on all undecided individuals to apply and secure quality education for their future careers," said FAV Dean Miloš Železný.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) focuses on programs where students will find subjects oriented towards robotics and AI, programming and computer modeling, e-mobility, renewable energy sources, sensor technology, space technologies, smart textiles and materials, as well as management and project management. "With us, applicants will gain education with an emphasis on practical skills and innovation, preparing them for a successful future career in a dynamic and promising field. We accept applications until August 15th, and we look forward to all future experts who will start their journey to success with us," mentioned FEL Vice Dean Roman Pechánek.

Last but not least, the Faculty of Philosophy also offers several study programs in the second round of admissions. Applicants can choose from fields focused on social work, international relations, society and politics, history, archaeology, or foreign languages for commercial practice. Here too, applicants have time to decide and submit their applications until the end of August.



Andrea Čandová

10. 07. 2024