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Two scientists from the Department of Power Electronics and Machines FEE, Bohumil Skala and Vladimír Kindl, are co-authors of the new invention (CZ 309328 B6). It is a current shunt of inductive type for measuring large AC currents with adjustable split ratio.

Its main advantage, apart from the adjustable split ratio mentioned above, is that, unlike a current transformer, it operates under zero or very low induction in the magnetic core material and with any shape of the measured AC current. It has at least an order of magnitude or two orders of magnitude less heat loss than a resistor shunt.

The inductive-type current shunt can be used in the development of electrical circuits in industrial or school laboratories, in light and heavy measuring laboratories and test laboratories, as a measuring instrument in the power industry, or in some specific industrial applications, e.g., as a measuring component of a wireless power supply system for electric vehicles.

The patent arose from experience gained from the practical implementation of a thematically very similar utility model (CZ 35139 U1), whose authors for UWB are doc. Ing. Vladimír Kindl, Ph.D., Ing. Jan Laksar, Ph.D., Ing. Libor Poláček, Ph.D., doc. Ing. Bohumil Skala, Ph.D., Ing. Josef Štengl, Ing. Pavel Turjanica, Ph.D. and Ing. Aleš Voborník, Ph.D.

The essence of the technical solution is the construction of a current measuring transformer with integrated evaluation electronics. The measuring transformer acts as an input transducer and, thanks to its design, achieves excellent parameters such as: very low leakage inductance, abnormally large coupling factor (up to 0.9996), and defined parasitic capacitance. The design allows to increase in the cutoff frequency of the transformer up to several hundred kHz.

The device is particularly suitable for applications powered by pulse converters where the harmonic current cannot be assumed and uses Industry 4.0 principles.


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Kateřina Newton

19. 10. 2022