EUPeace Academic Networking

13 February

13. února, 13:00


EUPeace International Cooperation

An online meeting for academic and research professionals from all member universities of the alliance.

Enter: after registration
Intended for: academic and research professionals
Kontakt: Markéta Ulčová, UWEB EUPeace manager, +420 377 631 249,
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Those interested in the meeting will need to register in advance, and through a virtual space, they will have the opportunity to connect and find partners for mutual collaboration. This networking event opens up possibilities for the preparation and implementation of future joint projects beyond the planned activities of the alliance. It also encourages further collaboration in the areas of education and mobility. Participation in the event provides an opportunity for individuals to become part of the growing EUPeace community.



Kamila Kolářová

13. 02. 2024, 13:00

12  -  18 May

Pilsen, Prague, Olomouc, Vienna

Faculty of Arts

12. 05. 2023

16 October

UP-112 (Univerzitní 22, Plzeň)

Faculty of Economics

16. 10. 2023, 16:30

20  -  23 February - March

Ladislav Sutnar Gallery, Riegrova 11, Pilsen

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art

20. 02. 2024, 10:00

06 October

UWB campus


06. 10. 2023